Axión and Ence will recover a burned forest in Trigueros (Huelva)

As part of its firm commitment to promoting ESG policies, Axión has undertaken, in collaboration with Ence -the Spanish leader in sustainable forest management-, the design and execution of a project to recover a forest that burned in 2019 in the area Trigueros (Huelva). This will entail an investment of more than 170,000 euros and will cover an area of ​​more than 26 hectares, in which around 32,000 trees will be planted.

For the planting, which will take place between the months of November and December 2022, depending on the rainfall, native pinus pinea plants will be used, from certified quality nurseries in the area, preferably using a two-year-old plant. The initial planting density is estimated to be around 1,200 plants per hectare.

This reforestation will involve the recovery of the area negatively affected by the fire and its survival over the years. Likewise, this recovery entails the protection of aquifers and the promotion of biodiversity.

The maintenance of the forest over time is guaranteed by the care and surveillance work that Ence will carry out, included in the management system that the company develops in its forest heritage, and falls within the scope of the FSC Management certificate. sustainable forestry.

This first pilot project, in addition to contributing to the fight against the desertification of the territory and revitalizing the natural environment, will contribute to the removal of just over 4,000 TnCO2e from the atmosphere over 40 years, which will offset the carbon footprint of Axión emitted for about seven years for his three reaches.

The CEO of Axión, Araceli García Cuartango, has expressed the importance of this first project which “will allow this space to begin to be revitalized with native species and thus contribute, not only to the recovery of the forest heritage, but also that generations future people can enjoy it”.

For his part, the President of Ence, Ignacio Colmenares, has influenced the value of this project, aligned with the strategic vision of the company, in which sustainability and decarbonization are transversal axes. “This forest recovery project is part of Ence’s firm commitment to sustainable forest management, which also represents the best and most effective way to prevent fires”, he pointed out.

With the “Axión Trigueros Forest” project, Axión and Ence take another step towards commitment to the territory, the environment and sustainability, promoting biodiversity and the sustainable use of natural resources.