Attracting female talent and maintaining equity, priorities for Ence

Equal opportunities is one of Ence’s fundamental ethical pillars. Despite being in a more egalitarian situation than its environment, the company wants to achieve excellence in this regard. For this reason, it maintains a firm commitment to female employment and a firm commitment to equity within its human team.

The role of women within the organization continues to be strengthened, thanks to the objectives proposed in its ambitious Equality Plan. With respect to 2019, the presence of women in the workforce has increased by almost 9%.

Likewise, the company is convinced that the basis for a company to prosper and adapt to the changes brought about by Industry 4.0 is the commitment to young talent. Throughout 2020, 71% of new hires of those under 30 with a university degree have been women.

Once the targets for female recruitment in 2020 are exceeded, Ence sets itself new challenges, such as applying measures that avoid bias in promotion processes, or ensuring an equitable representation of women in training activities. In parallel, in the selection processes the presence of the female gender will be promoted, with at least one woman in the final shortlist of all processes.

To ensure compliance with these objectives, the company has a Technical Equality Commission at the level of the entire Group, which meets periodically to monitor the established measures.

Through these ambitious and challenging objectives, Ence wants to become a benchmark for equality and continue to promote talent, job creation and wealth in the environment in which it operates.