Aracena recalls Celtic culture in a forest farm in Ence

Ence collaborates with the Aracenense village of Castañuelo in a new edition of the unique Celtic day, which the neighbors will celebrate tomorrow. This day includes a visit to the archaeological site of Cerro de la Mina, declared a Site of Cultural Interest and located on the Barran Los Barrancos, ’property owned by the company.

This is the second edition of this peculiar initiative, which follows the model of the Celtic Day that Ence held in the same village in 2012. On that occasion, the intention of the company was to value its commitment to people around its activities and with sustainable forest management. In the farm ‘Los Barrancos’, the cultivation of wood coexists with one of the best preserved meadows of the Natural Park of Sierra de Aracena and Picos de Aroche, with protected bird species and with the valuable vestiges of the Huelva protohistoric culture among other socioeconomic elements Very important environment.

This year’s Celta Castañuelo Day includes a visit to the Celtic site, where neighbors will perform a staging. In addition, a sample with pieces found in the excavations made by the Archaeological Museum of Huelva will be exhibited, as well as photographs of the site. Participants can also learn more about the history of the area thanks to the conference ‘The Celtic village of Castañuelo 40 years later’ and enjoy the Celtic party with music and videos about the occupation and culture of this civilization, as well as a tasting of typical products of this Huelva village.

Two concerts of Celtic music, by the groups The Clover Project and White Wings, and a Celtic ritual Imbolc with a tasting of hot liquor next to a large bonfire, will put the finishing touch to this unique cultural day in the rich forest environment of the province of Huelva.

Ence Energía y Celulosa values ​​very positively that the residents of Castañuelo have continued with this important initiative for the socio-economic, tourism and environmental development of the enclave. In this way, the company monitors one of the most important objectives of its sustainability policy: the real link to local communities and the influence on the improvement and social and economic transformation of the environment.