Antonio Casal, Ence’s Director of Business Development, receives the ASOCAS Award for Energy Diversification

Antonio Casal, Ence’s Director of Business Development, has collected on behalf of the company this morning the Energy Diversification award, delivered in Pruvia (Llanera) by the Association of Control and Related Organizations of the Principality of Asturias (ASOCAS).

The jury of the award wanted to recognize the company’s link with the West of Asturias through Ence’s biofactory in Navia, as well as growth and diversification plans, which “promotes investments in renewable energy and emphasizes that its cellulose biofactories are not only energy self-sufficient, but also achieve surplus energy using renewable resources ”.

During his speech at the award reception, Antonio Casal thanked ASOCAS for the award, and indicated that the company’s commitment is “to a fair and inclusive energy transition, the circular economy model and the promotion of the bioeconomy, as a guarantee of a sustainable development of our society ”. That is why Ence is committed to growth and diversification in bioproducts and bioenergy, from natural and renewable sources, such as wood and biomass.

Casal recalled that the energy management of the Navia biofactory has recently been endorsed by the ISO 50001 energy efficiency certification, and that it is not only self-sufficient, but also has a surplus in renewable energy. “This allows us to feed each and every one of our stages, and to export to the grid that energy that we do not use, with which we also contribute to decarbonize the national system,” he added.

The company, Antonio Casal pointed out, continues with the development of new growth and diversification projects, both in the Navia biofactory, with the aim of producing cellulose for absorbent products and textile products, as well as in the energy field, with investments in biomass and photovoltaic plants in Castilla-La Mancha and Andalusia.