An independent report justifies that there is no alternative site for the Pontevedra biofactory

Before the assertions of the PSOE candidate to the mayor of Pontevedra, Agustín Fernández, about the existence of several sites for a new pulp mill, it is necessary to show that an IDOM engineering report, independent expert, concludes that there is no site alternative in Galicia for the biofactory of Ence in Pontevedra.

Thus, when 61% of the total cost of manufacturing pulp was assumed by wood and labor, if Ence invested in a new factory, it would do so in a country with these two components cheaper than in Galicia. And this investment would be carried out in a country that offered legal security to the investment.

The way in which the General Directorate of Costas has acted is typical of a Bolivarian regime: a false and manipulated interpretation of the Law is invented and, appropriating the powers of the Parliament or the Supreme Court, it decides that the Law is illegal, orders the Advocacy of the State to derogate from what has defended until then and settle in three appeals against the granting of the extension of the concession of Ence Pontevedra that she had given three years earlier, demanding investments for 61 million euros of those that have been executed more of two thirds.