All of the Ence Group’s facilities are AENOR “Zero Waste” certified.

Ence’s pulp mills in Pontevedra and Navia and the group’s renewable energy generation plants have the “Zero Waste” certification awarded by AENOR to organisations that efficiently manage their waste and are capable of recovering it.

This certificate accredits the recovery, through reuse, recycling or energy recovery, of the waste generated in the plants, thus avoiding its transfer to landfills. Likewise, the traceability of the entire process, and the verification of the data relating to the quantity of the different waste fractions.

This demonstrates the efficient management of all the Ence Group’s facilities, which prevent waste from ending up in landfills and reintroduce it into the value chain, giving it a new life.

The award of this certificate also supports the company’s commitment to the circular economy model, as it promotes proper waste management through the responsible, efficient and sustainable use of resources.

The activity of Ence’s biofactories and its renewable energy plants are an example of a contribution to the circular economy. On the one hand, throughout the pulp production process, the biofactories produce and operate with natural, renewable and recyclable materials, while at the same time generating renewable electricity from biomass. In turn, in the generation plants of the group’s renewable energy subsidiary, the generation of energy with biomass is not only a paradigm of the circular economy, but also avoids the mismanagement of agroforestry waste.

All of this reinforces Ence’s commitment to sustainability and the development of a business model aligned with the circular bioeconomy and care for the environment.