AENOR certifies the efficiency in environmental management of Magnon Green Energy with the ISO 14001 standard

Magnon Green Energy, a renewable energy subsidiary of the Ence Group, has obtained certification of its environmental management system in accordance with the international standard ISO 14001, from AENOR.

With this standard, AENOR certifies that the management system of the company’s renewable energy generation plants with biomass pursues the protection of the environment and the improvement of environmental performance, taking into account not only its production process but also the natural environment. . social and economic environment that surrounds them.

This certification demonstrates the involvement of all the different areas that make up the teams of the 8 Magnon plants in meeting the objectives associated with environmental excellence and the efficiency of their processes.

Likewise, during the recent audit, the Zero Waste certificate of all the company’s facilities has also been renewed, which accredits the efficient management of waste at each of the plants and its revaluation. This certification is treasured by a small group of companies in Spain, only those that manage to recover more than 90% of the waste they produce, giving them a second useful life.

Magnones is the national leader in biomass energy production. With 8 plants, three of them located in Huelva, one in Córdoba, one in Jaén, two in Ciudad Real and one in Mérida, its activity represents a paradigm of the circular economy. Thanks to this technology, new life is given to the agroforestry remains of Spanish fields and mountains.