97 unemployed people have already benefited from the agreement for employability between Ence, HSO and the municipalities of Huelva and San Juan del Puerto

The agreement for employability signed between Ence, the Huelva security consulting company HSO, and the municipalities of San Juan del Puerto and Huelva, advances, responding positively to the objective with which it was signed. Just five months after its signing, 24 training courses have already been developed and 97 unemployed people have improved their training and thus their employability.

These are very positive data considering the situation of capacity restrictions and possibilities due to the pandemic. In addition, they confirm the social interest of this agreement, the objective of which is to improve the employability of people, through free and quality training, to facilitate job access to the solid industrial sector of Huelva.

The training courses developed by the specialized company HSO have been basically three: the specific training for access to Ence’s energy complex in Huelva, the training for work at height and that which refers to confined spaces. These are fundamental training to be able to access many of the employment opportunities that arise in industrial companies in the surroundings of San Juan del Puerto and Huelva.

The fundamental requirements to access the training offered free of charge are: be unemployed in the registers of one of the two signatory municipalities, and be registered in the municipalities of Huelva or San Juan del Puerto. Each person will be able to access the training one by one, and will have the option of taking more courses after proving that they have successfully passed the previous ones.

For HSO, the good data obtained so far as a result of this agreement reaffirms its commitment to benefit the most vulnerable groups, once again putting the preventive culture into practice without any distinction and with equal opportunities. For the Huelva company, knowledge of all the risks of the job is essential to avoid accidents, the main objective of the proper management of prevention.

For Ence, the good evolution of this agreement reinforces the commitment of closeness and cooperation with its closest environment. The company establishes relationships with local communities as a strategic priority that benefits the quality of life of citizens and the improvement of social, environmental and economic ecosystems.