752 asturians workers at the Technical Stop of Ence’s Navia factory


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106 workers from 11 Navia’s contractors companies adds to the 350 employees in the Asturian Ence factory to implement the various proposed projects

June 19, 2015. From Monday June 8, 752 workers participated in the Annual Technical Stop of the Operations Center of Ence Navia, which is coming to an end. A total of 106 workers belongs to one of the 11 naviega’s companies that this year collaborate with Ence 350 workers in the maintenance and improvement of the facilities of the factory. A total of 1,432 professionals from 161 contractors were responsible for developing the planned projects, among which the increase of 40,000 tons in the production of cellulose.

Ence Energía y Celulosa continues its commitment to Asturias. In addition to the expansion of production, which Ence allocated 12 million euros, the company will invest in the coming days more than 3 million in environmental improvements, of which a significant proportion will be used to continue to minimize the odor impact of the factory . While the reduction is already noticeable, Ence want to move progressively towards zero odor. Also, 7 million euros will be invested in improvements aimed at increasing competitiveness.

At the Annual Ence stop companies from countries like Finland, Canada, Austria and Portugal who regularly work with factories in the global industry of cellulose and have a high level of expertise are also involved.

Operations Center Ence Energía y Celulosa kept in Navia was expanded between 2008 and 2010 with investments of over 250 million euros. The expansion project was completed with the Odor Elimination Plan and the secondary sewage treatment to ensure the quality of the liquid effluent from the factory. This required an investment of 11 million euros and was inaugurated in November 2013.