100% of Ence’s sales of its pulp production ensured for 2015

 K8B0519-1301342The company close pulp sales agreements for next year by a volume of 930,000 tons.

Ence has undertaken a thorough restructuring of its customer base after the closure of the pulp mill in Huelva, allowing the company to maximize sales margin and consolidate its business strategy.

​22 December 2014.- Ence – Energy and Pulp has managed to close up to date pulp sales agreements for next year for a volume of 930,000 tons, which ensures the company 100% of its sales target 2015.

Almost all sales agreements reached –98%– will target Europe, area that offers higher margins to Ence and where sales of 910,000 tons are ensured. The main destination of sales is Germany, with 220,000 tons, followed by Western Europe with 185,000 tons. In addition, Ence has agreed sales amounting to 180,000 tons in the Iberian Peninsula and 137,000 tons in Eastern Europe. With these figures Ence plans to maintain its export volume that lies above 80% of its production.

After the cessation of production of cellulose in Huelva, Ence has undertaken a thorough restructuring of its customer base by focusing on those with lower logistics costs and greater margin of sales, which will help speed the recovery results process in which the company is currently engaged. Also this restructuring will allow the company to strengthen its position in the fastest growing segments (tissue and specialties), consolidating its business strategy.

Ence is the leading producer of eucalyptus pulp in Europe with a capacity of 930,000 tonnes per year and is the second company by sales on the continent. The company exports much of its pulp production through advanced logistics network and the quality of its products, which include TCF pulp, which is produced entirely without chlorine and is highly valued in the countries of northern Europe.